• Kaguya Shinomiya
    One of the main characters of the series.
    A versatile genius who excels in all areas of art and studies, she is the daughter of the Shinomiya Group, one of the four major conglomerates with a total of 200 trillion yen in assets. Every day she employs a variety of methods in order to make Shirogane confess his love including using the financial strength of the Shinomiya family.
    VA: Aoi Koga / Alexis Tipton
  • Miyuki Shirogane
    One of the main characters of the series.
    Gaining awe and respect only by studying, he is the hard-working type of genius who was appointed student council president.
    He spends ten hours studying every day and does multiple part-time jobs, so he always seems like he is glaring due to lack of sleep. He engages in a battle of minds in order to make Kaguya confess.
    VA: Makoto Furukawa / Aaron Dismuke
  • Chika Fujiwara
    The heroine of the series. Kaguya is a friend from her middle school days.
    She is a polyglot capable of speaking five languages. She also displays a talent for music, such as winning gold in piano competitions. She calls herself "Love Detective Chika" and is susceptible to any conversations about love, but she is totally unaware of the back and forth, offense-defense battle between Kaguya and Shirogane.
    VA: Konomi Kohara / Jad Saxton
  • Yu Ishigami
    The secret main character of the series. He was scouted by Shirogane to join the student council.
    His motivation for studying is so low that even under Kaguya's direct tutoring, his grades just barely hit the mark for continuing school.
    Actually, he has a strong sense of justice and a personality that leaves no room for absurdity. Due to an incident that occurred in middle school, he was ostracized from those around him.
    VA: Ryota Suzuki / Austin Tindle
  • Miko Iino
    The secret heroine of the series. Placed first in her class since her admission, she is a prodigy capable of maintaining her grades while serving both the student council and the Disciplinary Committee.
    Rich in imagination and with extremely subjective prejudice, she often expands her delusions in the completely wrong direction.
    She idolizes Fujiwara, whom she looked up to since she was a child.
    VA: Miyu Tomita / Madeleine Morris
  • Ai Hayasaka
    Born into a family that has pledged allegiance to the Shinomiya family. She is one-quarter Irish. She has served Kaguya since childhood and has developed a sister-like relationship with her. To escort Kaguya inside and outside of school, she disguises herself as multiple figures such as her maid, a popular airhead, a female student from another school and more.
    VA: Yumiri Hanamori / AmaLee
  • Nagisa Kashiwagi
    Shirogane's classmate. She is the daughter of the chairman of a major shipbuilding company and also the granddaughter of the director of the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations. She is counted as one of the VIPs of Shuchiin and serves as the head of the Volunteer Club. After Tsubasa approached her, they began dating. She began asking Kaguya, who had never been in a relationship before, for relationship advice, and kaguya began asking her for advice as well.
    VA: Momo Asakura / Bryn Apprill
  • Kobachi Osaragi
    Iino's best friend since elementary school. She's also nicknamed "Koba-chan." She is a member of the Disciplinary Committee.
    She has a keen eye for observation and can calmly assess any situation. She usually controls Iino's rampaging, but continued to understand and support Iino during the student council elections. She's the nerdy type who sometimes blurts out her unique hobbies.
    VA: Rina Hidaka / Leah Clark
  • Tsubasa Tanuma
    He is the son of a hospital director expected to succeed his father.
    Like Kashiwagi, he is a member of the Volunteer Club. He has a pure and upstanding personality. He decided to confess to Kashiwagi who gave him three chocolate balls for Valentine's Day. He consults with Shirogane who is rumored to be a veteran when it comes to love. He became Kashiwagi's boyfriend after following Shirogane's advice on "the wall-down" technique.
    VA: Taku Yashiro / Brandon McInnis
  • Maki Shijo
    A talented young woman who boasts the third-highest ranking grades after Shirogane and Kaguya. Invited by her classmate Kashiwagi, she belongs to the Volunteer Club. When they tried to confirm if Tsubasa had a girlfriend, she blurted out, "That's hilarious!" But actually, she was thrilled. She witnessed Tsubasa's "wall-down" confession to Kashiwagi and accepted defeat.
    VA: Kana Ichinose / Hope Endrenyi
  • Tsubame Koyasu
    A highly adored upperclassman who is popular with all types of people and treats everyone fairly. She is always extremely tenacious. She is great at taking care of others and can always calmly assess the any situation. She tried to actively communicate with Ishigami who could not fit in with the fairly cheery circle of people on the school Cheerleading Squad as the vice leader.
    VA: Haruka Fukuhara / Tia Ballard