"Kei Shirogane Can't Speak”
“Miyuki Shirogane Wants to Dance”
“Kobachi Osaragi Wants to Crack Down”
“Miyuki Shirogane's Dad Wants to Find Out"

Though no one surpasses Shirogane when it comes to academics, his lack of dancing skills finds him in his third intense training session with Fujiwara in preparation for the school sports festival. However, Shirogane is such a hopeless dancer that Fujiwara’s patience runs out and storms out of the room. As Shirogane proceeds to diligently practice on his own, Kaguya appears and starts giving him dance lessons. Fujiwara, who has returned to check on Shirogane, begins to argue with Kaguya about the best way to teach him and so a battle ensues! Who will end up victorious as the better dance teacher?

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