• Kaguya Shinomiya Kaguya Shinomiya
    One of the main characters of the series. Born on January 1st.
    A second-year high school student and the student council vice president at Shuchiin Academy. She is stunningly beautiful and the daughter of the Shinomiya Group, one of the top four conglomerates in Japan. Despite being an all-round genius, she is also a quintessential sheltered girl due to her wealthy upbringing. A bit naïve and ignorant because she was raised in a bubble, she has a habit of unintentionally looking down on others and trying to take advantage of people. Looks good with cat ears. Wants to make Miyuki Shirogane confess his love to her.
    VA: Aoi Koga / Alexis Tipton
  • Miyuki Shirogane Miyuki Shirogane
    One of the main characters of the series. Born on September 9th.
    A second-year high school student, who is the student council president at Shuchiin Academy. For some reason, he seems to always be glaring. Lives with his father and younger sister, Kei, a middle school student at Shuchiin Academy. In a way he has an addiction to working hard and therefore a genius because of his hard work, which includes studying ten hours a day without fail and spending the rest of his time working at his part-time job. Looks good with cat ears. Wants to make Kaguya Shinomiya confess her love to him.
    VA: Makoto Furukawa / Aaron Dismuke
  • Chika Fujiwara Chika Fujiwara
    The heroine of the series. Born on March 3rd.
    A second-year high school student and the student council secretary at Shuchiin Academy. Well-endowed with a carefree and happy-go-lucky personality. She is the daughter of a political family and has been friends with Kaguya since middle school. Because she is kindhearted, she is often dragged into Shirogane’s various drills to overcome his weaknesses. Often tries to cheat when playing games, but is found out every time.
    VA: Konomi Kohara / Jad Saxton
  • Yu Ishigami Yu Ishigami
    The secret main character of this series. Born on March 3rd.
    A first-year high school student and the student council treasurer at Shuchiin Academy. Has emo bangs. As the second son of a small toy manufacturer, he also does the accounting for the company. After completing middle school, he was personally invited by Shirogane to join the student council. Keenly observant, however, his perceptiveness tends to backfire, often leading him to trouble.
    VA: Ryota Suzuki / Austin Tindle
  • Miko Iino Miko Iino
    Supporting character of the season. Born on May 5th.
    She is a petite and brilliant first-year high school student who has always been at the top of her class. Taking after her father who is a superior court judge, she became a member of the Disciplinary Committee. Being extremely righteous and stubborn, she tends to be inflexible and will not overlook even the slightest violations.
    VA: Miyu Tomita /
    Madeleine Morris
  • Ai Hayasaka Ai Hayasaka
    Kaguya’s personal assistant. A second-year high school student at Shuchiin Academy. One-quarter Irish.
    Born into a family that has pledged allegiance to the Shinomiya family, she has served Kaguya since childhood and has developed a sister-like relationship with her as a result. Depending on the situation, she can disguise herself as a maid, a bimbo, or a student with the alias “Hasaka.”
    VA: Yumiri Hanamori /
    Amanda Lee
  • Nagisa Kashiwagi Nagisa Kashiwagi
    A second-year high school student and Shirogane’s classmate in class 2-B.
    She has excellent grades, one of the highest at the school, and is the daughter of the chairman of a major shipbuilding company and also the granddaughter of the director of the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations. She serves as the head of the Volunteer Club and has a boyfriend who is a classmate as well as a fellow club member. She often gossips with Kaguya about relationships and romance.
    VA: Momo Asakura / Bryn Apprill
  • Kashiwagi’s Boyfriend Kashiwagi’s Boyfriend
    Like Shirogane and Kashiwagi, a second-year high school student in class 2-B.
    He became Kashiwagi’s boyfriend after following Shirogane’s advice on “the wall slam.” He is the son of a hospital director, expected to succeed his father. He also belongs to the Volunteer Club with his girlfriend. Perhaps his name will be revealed soon…?
    VA: Taku Yashiro /
    Brandon McInnis
  • Kobachi Osaragi Kobachi Osaragi
    A student in class 1-B and member of the Disciplinary Committee.
    Being Miko’s best friend since elementary school, Kobachi helps Miko with her election campaign, knowing very well how to handle Miko, who tends to be too serious and awkward. Her expressions are always covered by her glasses, but will there be a day when her face is clearly revealed…?
    VA: Rina Hidaka / Leah Clark
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